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” // “You’re missing the point, if you want to complain and criticise ThermalTake for copying the R5, then just as much criticism is due to Fractal for copying the Antec cases. Do you not see what LEGITIMATE tech sites, LEGITIMATE sources (for over 10+ years now) are saying. Now, let me explain, very simply: There’s a difference between getting inspiration & using design elements/features (like Apple/Samsung do) but not when you blatantly copy the entire external design. Learn what /s means please… It’s used everywhere on forums/comments to indicate a sarcastic comment. There isn’t anything to back up, I don’t even think you know what your point is. This all started with complaints about the R5. SpartacusKhan This specific argument has been going on for years re: Thermaltake. After awhile a case can only be made so many ways before design repeats it’s self. Also, the fact that they are all ATX form-factors is because ATX is an industry standard.

Fractal Josh has been somewhat moaning about it, ignoring that their case is a copy itself. The resemblance is almost identical John Doe derekecycle. So either one of them is licensing the design from the other, they both licensed the design from a third party, or somebody ripped somebody off. ” —- This has been the ground upon which you stood on. Bob Kedde For a long time i have always thought that Thermaltake was a cheap alternative to Corsair and other premium brands. spoffle I’m not defending anything, I’m pointing out facts. Might want to get off your high horse… Marc Molella No actually that was claimed that he bought it after PDXLAN 23, May want to read again, but your lack of intelligence speaks volumes. I still don’t see a pic of your one and only argument that you thought you had – the one you mentioned 4 times. Inspired is one thing, but 95% copied….

The 2009 white version came out around the same time as the BMW DW edition that turned out to be the prototype for the TT Level 10 reddit gemini support. Not “ehhh, I mean I kiiiiiiiiiiinda see how it looks like a CaseLabs” No, sir, you and I both know they’re identical. I think you are getting confused and thinking that Kevin is saying they bought one after PDXLAN23 but what he was saying is that they had ALREADY bought one….Ethos.
. at the time Kevin assumed Shannon was just being… odd and/or rude reddit gemini support. In fact I often mistook Thermaltake’s cases for Antec, BitFenix and CoolMaster, yet never have I mistook anything for Thermaltake. Yuriy Man 2 People not understanding it is more than those that did. You’re responding to things that I never said, you utter mong. .Syscoin.


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Thermaltake recently came out with a new case called the Suppressor F51 that featured noise-reduction features and a look that was very similar to the Define R5 that was was introduced by Fractal Design in December 2014. Many noticed that the case was damn near identical on the outside with some
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